Home again, home again, jiggity jig.  I am *so* happy to be home.  The car’s unpacked, I’ve put about 1/2 of the detritus away, and Piper’s had a bath after her 3 week stay at the farm.  I was with her for most of that, so don’t lets feel to bad for her.

X-men thoughts behind the cut

X-Men was good, and sad, and good, and I heart Hugh Jackman, and very sad.  I’ve felt anxious all day though, inexplicably, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.  H liked it better than I did (apparently.)  No spoilers from me at this point – I may have more to say after I process things a bit more.

I’ll post my packing list (for Vietnam) in another post – it’s huge!  5 pages! 

In other good news, the Alabama county certification did arrive, and it’s on its way back to the Alabama secretary of state.  Phew.  Only 4 weeks to achieve that, after 3 weeks to achieve the police letter in the first place.

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