Random Friday

I bought a pump (Medela Pump In Style – heh, what’s stylish about pumping, really?) as Ebay has some great deals!  I won’t need it for a few months, but hey, where’s the harm?

I called the county office in Alabama yesterday, and apparently “the form’s in the mail” having been done on the 30th.  Ok.  I’m not holding my breath.

I finished my parent education workbook (120 pp reading, 20 pp questions/answers) and other than the incipient carpal tunnel, I’m done with that. 

I finished the sampler I was cross-stitching this weekend, and have started a baby sampler for Gert.  I’ll try to post weekly progress on that one, so you can see how it develops (and to force myself to work on it! Otherwise it may not get done until she’s in college!)  

I’m looking forward to next week, as I’m planning to catch up Piper’s scrapbooking pages and start on Gertrude’s baby book (am scrapbooking an individualized book for her, as most of the commercial ones are either ugly IMHO, or don’t fit our single-mama, adopted-at-older-than-newborn family.)  I also want to do some quilting, weed the flowerbeds (and maybe replace some flowers – my dear gardener/ lawn maintenance technician says that some of my perennials may have croaked) and generally enjoy being home.   Ooh, and go to the farmer’s market & pick up some veggies.  And look for a chest freezer for the basement, to put up said veggies for the winter.  I’m tired of buying crap out of season and having it taste like crap.

Will update as things develop, but for now, I’m sooooo excited that I’ll be home in 24 hours, I can hardly stand it.

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