Blogging for GLBT Families Day

This is just a post to say that I absolutely adore all of my two-mama-family friends, and I vote, dammit!  Others can be eloquent, but the bottom line is that the state has no business telling any adult which other adult* he or she can marry, and has no business withholding the benefits of marriage from loving couples based merely on their assortment of chromosomes and/or genitalia.

Thank you.

Oh, and BTW, it’s not as though I have a vested interest in this – I prefer the testosterone-laden half of the gene pool.  As I’m sure you’ll all witness this weekend, when I’ll be forced to come blog about the gigantic droolfest X-men movie.  heheheee

*I throw the adult crap in there because of recent controversy in my state regarding a lovely law allowing grown men to marry 12-yr-old girls.  Um, no.  Not even with parental consent.  Yuck. 

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