Random Friday

Today’s thoughts:

1) Alabama has got to be the least organized state on the planet.  Can someone please tell me *why* I’m now on my 3rd try for my police clearance?  (To reiterate:  Try #1:  No, you have to come in in person to do that! (get the police letter.)  Try #2:  We need your birth certificate, driver’s license and firstborn child oh wait not that. Ahem.  Try #3: OK, here’s your letter, thanks for sending it for county certification (AL requires COUNTY level certification…crappy crapholes)  but the Jefferson county notary that signed your Jefferson county police form is actually *registered* in St. Clair county.  Psych! )

In the immortal words of the CRAP list (Crabby Adoptive Parents) – F-ck, F-ck, F-ckity, F-ck!

2) Shopping for hotslings & fuzzi bunz on Ebay is a cure for a multitude of ills (see #1)

3) I’m thinking of baking these Vietnamese Coffee Cupcakes tomorrow.  No pictures (don’t have the digi cam cable as am still at Chez Parents) but I do promise thorough descriptions.

4) Am considering adoptive breastfeeding (or at the very least attempting to lactate & feeding whatever I can pump.)  FYI.  The Thumper Rule applies here (if you don’t have nothin’ nice to say…)

5) Homestudy visit #2 is done, and went well.  HippieSWGuy is very pleasant, and is promising my finished homestudy by June 5, if not sooner.  

6) I’m scheduling an infopass appointment w/ USCIS for June 5 (w/ SW’s blessing) to hand in my I-600A + do fingerprints.   Rah!


7) Had adorable adorable a-freaking-dorable little Vietnamese girl as a patient today.  Guh.  Me want baby.  NOW.  😛

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