From Trista:
1) You’re surrounded by so many idiots so much of the time, how do you deal? 
Well, if I’m at work, I rant & rave under my breath &/or make snarky comments silently in my head.  I’m fortunate to (usually) work with nurses who have a similar “appreciation” for the idiots among us, and we have a great time.  “No, grape jelly is *not* a contraceptive device.  Bwa ha ha.”  At home or out in the world, I blog a few random rants, and count on my friend Jack Daniels to get me through.  (This being the true bonus of adoption over pregnancy.  That and no hemorrhoids.)

2) Is the career you have now the career you always wanted to have? Is it the one you always want to have? 
More or less.  When I was small, I wanted to be a veterinarian or an astronaut.  Being as my vision sucks, and I don’t particularly enjoy being bitten by my patients, those two were out.  I’ve been a science geek forever, so something sciencey/medical was certain to be in the cards.  I was that 4 year old watching Nova and Marty Stouffer’s Wild America.  😛  As for the future, I’d enjoy teaching (at a college/professional level) someday, if that pans out.  If not, I get to do a lot of patient education, and do enjoy my job.  Most of the time.  In spite of/maybe because of patient comments like the one in #1.

3) If you could magically poof your entire life to another location, where would that be and why? 
Chicago.  Ah….Chicago.  I went to college in that part of the world, and I love love LOVE it.  Upsides: culture, theatre, things to do, decent sports teams (at times – heh,) lots of jobs.  Downsides: winter, housing prices (but this is magic, so I have a ton of $$, right?)  Alternatively, I’d love to be in South Carolina – we’ve vacationed there twice now, and I always hate to leave.  The warmth is wonderful, I love the gardens (and gardening capacity/growing season) and I can just imagine living somewhere near the beach in the Low Country.  Aaaah.

4) “The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous” – Shana Alexander. Have you ever had a moment where someone else’s excellence has made you nervous? Has anyone ever exhibited nervousness about your own excellence? How did you react to that? 

Part A) Never.  I admire (and sometimes/often *expect*) excellence in others.  This very expectation/at times near-demand can get me in trouble on its own, but I generally am highly appreciative of others’ excellence, and it doesn’t make me nervous.

Part B) Well, yes.  Let’s see – the nutty professor (and not in a good way) in PA school who decided I couldn’t be getting good grades honestly, and gave me a poor class evaluation because a study partner (in an off-campus study session) cried (literally) to her after I humbly requested (on behalf of the entire study group) that he do his share of the work, or he couldn’t copy ours.  (We were dividing the study questions four ways, and each using each others’ answers to study off of.  Nice system, except for Monsieur Slacker.)  

Or shall I discuss the girl in high school who was so nervous about me & whether I’d be valedictorian (bumping her to salutatorian) that when she found out that my senior year schedule precluded my “beating” her for valedictorian (long story, about weighted classes so that an A = 4.25, and I had fewer than she did) she nearly wet herself and was running around singing with glee.  In the end, I graduated fourth, and had a *fun* senior year.  Which is more than I can say for Ms. Serious & her valedictorian speech about migrating geese.  Heh.

5) If you had wall cabinets in Cherry and base cabinets in maple, and walls of knotty pine and floors (in the adjoining room) of aged oak, what kind of wood would you make your banister out of? If you picked Cherry, would you actually use Alder (the poor man’s cherry) or would you keep the fake banister made of 2x4s until you could afford real cherry?  Mahogany.  Ha.  No?  OK then, I’d probably use something middle-of-the-road in shade, possibly oak or a dark maple.  Sweet gum is nice.  If I had picked cherry, I’d’ve used alder, but that’s just me.  Cheapskate all the way.

OK, if anyone wants to be interviewed, post below.  Most people seem to be choosing 5 participants, so I guess I will too.  Be patient, as I’m working the next three weeks, and access may be intermittent at times.

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