TTC Yard Sale!

It’s cleaning-out-the-medicine-cabinet day, and you, my TTC-ing (or someday TTC-ing) fan club are the beneficiaries. All items are new, unused (obviously) and in excellent, unexpired condition. I’m happy to provide additional details as requested. Shipping for all items is $5 for the first 2 pounds (hell, I’m not sure that the whole lot weighs more than 3 or 4 pounds, if that.) and $2 for each additional, priority mail. If you order something small that can be easily sent 1st class mail, that’s grand. If I need to open boxes to make things fit for a cheaper rate, I will. I’ll do whatever it takes, short of wearing a clown suit to the post office (although, even that I’d do for a price.)

As far as prices, I’m listing the original prices, just make an offer for an item or group of items, whatever seems fair. I’m not expecting much, just want to unload the loot to those who can use it, rather than letting it (slowly) decompose in my bathroom cabinet.

Remember, I’m leaving town Sunday, so make selections soon, or I may have to ask you to be patient until I get home June 3rd.

The hardware:

Vaginal specula, size “medium” (who sizes these things, really? it’s as bad as condoms), disposable plastic, obviously never used. These could certainly be re-used by the same individual with good hygiene practices. Quantity: 9. Originally $.65 each.

Instead cup, in original wrapper, unopened. Part of NW Cryo’s “insemination kit.” Free for shipping.

The software:


Clearblue Easy OPKs (non-digital), quantity 5. exp.06/2007. Instructions included. Originally $4 each.

Clearblue Easy digital OPKs: These are the famous (infamous?) smilie-face OPKs, and the digital holder can apparently be reused with fertility monitor sticks, but I’ve never tried it. Instructions included. This includes the holder & 6 sticks. Expiration 08/2007. Originally $40, with 7 sticks. Now only 6 sticks remain.

Internet cheapies (, quantity roughly 138. exp. 4/2007. No instructions, but they’re the basic dip a strip in the peecup for a few seconds version. All in original wrapping, in lots of 25, with about 13 loose extras. Originally $.33 a piece.

Internet cheapies (, about 20-ish. exp. 11/2007. Unlike most OPKs, these are a strict +/- test, no guessing about whether the line is dark enough. (Also known as EZ OPKs.) Dip-strips, original wrapping. Originally $.50 a piece.


Accu-clear, two boxes of 3, unopened. exp. 2/2007. Instructions included. Originally, hell, I dunno. Around $9 per box. These are a two-line type test.

Equate – one test (out of at 2 test box.) Exp. 07/2007. Instructions included. Originally, no clue. Make an offer. 😛

Internet cheapies (, quantity something like 40. Instructions included. These are the dip-strip-in-pee-cup model. Exp. 02/2008. Originally about $.35 a piece.

Clearblue digital HPTs. Two holders, three test sticks. One’s an unopened box. Originally $15 a box, or $7.50 a stick. Exp. 11/07 & 05/08.

OK, kids, knock yourselves out. Just comment w/ which ones you want, or email me.  I’ll strikethrough whatever sells, and will probably post a ginormous “winner take all” lot on Saturday for the leftovers. I want this stuff gone! 😀

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