Today's Adoption Update

Cue newsflash music…

1) Hep A shot #1 – done. Repeat in November.

2) Medical certificate – done. On to notarization (of my signature – easy), certification, authentication. Lather, rinse, repeat.

3) Herbs & geraniums – planted. It’s warm & muggy here, but that doesn’t stop me working in the shady part of the driveway. Still need to plant the tomatoes/peppers, perennials & impatiens. And the vinca, if the daffodils & tulips ever decide to die back. Ah well.

4) Baby clothes – put away. I have a whole selection from 3-6 mos up to 2T, with a few 3T items thrown in. Geez, this kid’s going to be a clothes horse whether she wants to be or not.

5) Homestudy update – I put together the paperwork the SW’s needing (1040, bank statements, copy of birth cert, police clearance) and forgot to mention yesterday: He’s hearing that the I171H wait for our local office is…wait for it…10-14 days, if you hand carry your paperwork & arrange fingerprinting at the same time! WOOOOO!! So, if I play my cards right, I could have a late June/early July DTV date, as opposed to the later July date I was assuming I’d have. Yay!!!

Things left to do before homestudy on Thursday:

1) Give house a nice good cleaning. Am ignoring closets & basement, on the sage advice of others. Ahem. 😉 Plus, c’mon, this is a crocs/jeans/earring-wearing, laid-back, *male* SW. Do we really think he’ll be the white glove police? No friends, we do not.

2) Tidy up the desk, which currently looks as if a small paper-bomb has gone off. See #5 above, plus some work-related paperwork today.

3) Related to #2, go through the mail & pitch most of it, file/pay the rest. The stack of mail is ugly, and it must be stopped. heh.

4) Go to library & return books.

5) Go to goodwill & drop off crapola.

6) Go to Sam’s & pick up pictures (with possible bonus baby-shopping.)

7) I’d really like to get the rest of the garden planted, partially because it will look nicer, and partially because that forces me to get it done. We’ll see.

Oh, and I’m *hiring* a painter. Why paint the porch myself, when I’m hiring someone to do the eaves anyway?

Off to sort mail, change clothes to go have Mexican w/ H then go to PEO. Do I know how to have a good time, or what?

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