What a Day!

I had my homestudy today, went well, the SW turns out to be a jeans & crocs-wearing type of guy, which suits me nicely. Very laid-back, very nice. Yay. No stress there. I mean, I’ll still be cleaning like a banshee all week, and any tall grass or weeds had better fear my weed-whacker, but I’m less stressed about the home visit portion than I was.

Also had my first chiropractic appointment today to help rectify the chaos that is my back. I’m feeling a ton better already, and am going back Wednesday & Friday. $$$$! Ah well. Gotta be able to move.

And then there’s Alabama. Why, dear friends inside the computer, did I have to choose to live in Alabama for 3 of the last 5 years? (Don’t answer that.) They require county-level certification of docs (I have to have a police clearance from them) and of course no one at the county this morning knew what I was talking about. So I call the state. The very pleasant lady at the state gives me another number for the county. The man there tells me to call the first number. Having fun yet? Finally I find some “Elaine” person at the first number, very efficient, just need a $1.25 money order or cashier’s check (ha! for $1.25! I’ve blown more at Sonic on a raspberry limeade! But I digress.) and Bob’s your uncle. Phew.

Off to address things, run to the bank for said cashier’s check, and cash the check I received for returning 5 vials of sperm, and put away baby clothes, and Roundup some weeds, and pop a Xanax (ok, not really) and plant some impatiens, and some vinca, and some tomatoes & peppers, and some perennials, and collapse in a heap. Notice that the lists this week all end in collapse in a heap?

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