Stream of Consciousness

This post really doesn’t have a point, other than the fact that I feel I should post something. 10 days of vacation, 24 hours at home, and now 12 days of solid work have zapped my brain, I think. So, on that note, a few observations:

1) I have several pieces of my paperwork ready for state certification (including the employment letter, the KS police clearance and two of my three reference letters,) and will have 3 or 4 more once my passport arrives. Really all that’s left is the medical certificate (doing it Saturday), the police report from Bama (pokey people) and the homestudy. And, of course, then the I-600A.

2) Yes, Dr. ObviouslyHasAProblemWithSmartCompetentWomen, a.k.a. Dr. TinyPecker, some ear infections and sinus infections *do* need to be treated with antibiotics, and no, I *don’t* want to hear your incredibly bizarre, unsubstantiated thoughts on the subject.

3) Homestudy’s on Monday. And the home visit portion’s on Thursday. Anyone care to place bets on how much cleaning I’ll be doing between Friday night (when I get home) and then?

4) If you leave a can of Diet Pepsi in the front seat of your black Honda Civic on a sunny 83-degree afternoon, it will explode.

5) I told the parents about Gertrude. Dad’s reserved (as expected) and Mom’s excited. She bought Gertrude a pink umbrella stroller with ladybugs (awwww.)

6) This week’s roadkill update: 3 raccoons, 2 possums, a pheasant, a rabbit (I think) and a cat. None killed by me, for the record.

7) I already have a rather thorough packing list for the adoption. A bit anal are we?

That’s all for tonight, kids. I’ve got to go order rolling duffle bags from LL Bean (one for mom, two for me – mom’s coming with me to Vietnam! did I mention that?) and a camcorder from Amazon. And maybe an Ipod. Hmmmm….

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