Notes from Charleston

Hello, all my dear fans!

I’m checking in to let you know that 1) I haven’t gone overboard from the tour boat (although I was tempted, as the Captain/announcer had the voice of a bus station conductor…”Cleveland, Chicago, aaaand pooooints weeeeeest.”) 2) I haven’t been eaten by an alligator (despite the claims of the many rednecks on the tour tram that “thet there one’s lookin’ at me, and he’s 8 foot long!” – although the very pleasant guide had stated the gator was only four feet, and still hibernating) and 3) I haven’t fallen victim to credit card-induced carpal tunnel.

Charleston’s wonderful and warm, we’re having a great time, and I’m taking tons of pictures. The only rednecks were the tour tram-ers above, and everyone else has been charming & pleasant.

The sunrise Easter service on the Battery was wonderful, as were the Magnolia Gardens, and today’s visit to the Angel Oak (or as we persistently called it, the BigAss Tree.)

Will update with pictures when I get home. Had best run from the business center, as I don’t want to walk back to the hotel in the dark.  Have no fear, the paperchase continues, as I’ve sent off police clearances galore, amongst other things.

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