Passports & Vital Statistics

Ah, what a morning! I was actually done by noon, and took a little jaunt to the scrapbook store. I just *had* to special order some Sizzix dies and pick up a baby scrapbook. Ahem. It was necessary. Really.

The recap:

Errands, done. Despite setting the alarm for 6:30, I didn’t haul my butt out of bed until 7:20. No 7:30 start time here! Took the car for service (and oh yes, I need new CV joints, which sounds expensive), and got more passport pictures at Walgreens, along with dossier-organizing supplies. Of course, the little chippie at Walgreens was…less than efficient. Passport photos in 5 minutes my ass. I had to come back an hour later. Oy.

Vital statistics was great, in and out in 20 minutes, and got to spend the waiting time giggling at the other patrons. “No, sir, this is not where you get papers for your Chrysler.” “Yes, ma’am, we do need to know what your name was when you married him. I’m sorry you don’t remember.” Hee.

Then on to the “big” downtown post office for passports, local p.o. branch to have mail held, return to Walgreens. Chippie:”Oh, you need FOUR photos?” Um, yes. As I said. Four. Geez. Then the bank, library (need some light vaca reading,) Sam’s and home via the scrapbook store. Phew!

Now I’m off to clean house, go through mail/pay bills, pay my quarterly taxes (gulp,) plant potatoes and do the PEO minutes. Aren’t you excited for me?

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