Yes, that’s right. Things are changing at Chez Crackpot. The first sign? The nursery is turning…girly! Purple crib sheets, a lampshade with a lavender ribbon, huge stacks of baby girl clothes.

Why? Well, I’ve thought. And thought. And thought. And I’m tired of TTC. It’s been a year, and I’m not getting anywhere. I’ve been charting for two years, and that’s not getting me anywhere.

For those that don’t know, I started the whole SMC adventure dead-set on adoption. I originally looked at China, but whoops, too young, need to be 30. (I’m still planning on it, once I turn 30. That never went away, even during the TTC process.) Then I started looking at Vietnam, years ago, but then Vietnam closed. I didn’t find another country that appealed so much as either of the above, so I decided to try TTC. Well, darn it, I’ve given it the ol’ college try (and may keep my u/s appointment for Saturday, just because) and it hasn’t worked. Even with lots of drugs. And really, I want to be a mom.

Vietnam re-opened this past winter, and I’ve found an agency that I really like. I emailed them for homestudy agency info, and have filled out my application, and my forms (I-600A) for immigration. I’m ready to move on to the little girl that I know is (or will be) out there somewhere. It’s time.

Thanks for all the TTC support (and I know you’ll all stay around to read the life & times of the adopting girl) – those wounds won’t heal overnight, but the assurance that there *will* be a baby at the end of the tunnel is pretty healing all on its own. It may take awhile (estimated 9-15 months), it’s unlikely to be easy, and there will be expense involved, but I’ll take that over the uncertainty of ever becoming a parent any day.

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