Snow Day!

It’s been sleeting here off & on (mixed with rain) since at least 5:30, so I decided to stay home. Looking at the roads online now, I’m glad I did. The state DOT is listing the last 1/2 of my work commute as “completely snowpacked” – and in my experience, they’re usually right.

So it’s a stay-in, bake cookies, knit sort of day. The house is clean, Piper’s snoozing, and I have a whole, unexpected day ahead of me! 😀

(We’ll ignore for now that I’m not getting *paid* either…ah well, into every life a little rain sleet snow must fall.)

ETA:  H called just as I was posting this, and damned if it’s not snowing!  The weatherman lied!  (He said the actual snow wouldn’t start until 4pm.)  Now I *really* don’t feel bad for calling in.  There’s an inch or so on the ground, and it’s coming down strong.  Will update with pictures (for Cali) later.

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