Excessively Normal!

The HSG report is good, friends!

Clear tubes (lefty was a little slow, but a position change fixed that) and normal-appearing uterus. All in all, excessively normal. It wasn’t the most fun of my life, or anything, but not too terrible. The balloon in the cervix actually hurt more than anything, I think. The contrast definitely made me crampy, and had to do some focused breathing, but that pretty well subsided once the cath was out.

I took 1000mg Tylenol + 12.5 mg Benadryl (would have taken more Benadryl, but had to drive 70 miles, and it knocks me out.) The Benadryl helps with smooth muscle spasms, including the tubes, so helps prevent a falsely “blocked” scenario when really the tubes are just spasming from the discomfort.

And yes, I went by myself, which turned out to be ok. I did a little shopping, drove home, and am chilling out in my comfy clothes. All in all, the buildup was worse than the actual procedure. Now here’s hoping that those tubes are well-greased for this weekend’s (probable) IUI!

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