Random Thoughts

1) You know you’re in rural family practice when: You take your dog for a walk while on lunch break from work, and you pause so she can bark at the cows grazing a block from the hospital.

2) If you have an ultrasound to examine your unborn child’s genitals, you may learn his or her sex. Not the child’s gender. When he or she’s old enough to talk to you about feelings and gender identity, then you’ll know his or her gender. Not at 18 weeks gestation. Gender isn’t just a “nice” word for sex. They’re different concepts. Thank you.

3) Some people on the internet are barking mad. I’m of course not one of them (natch) but really. Have you seen the crazies out there?

4) It’s dilemma. Not dilemna. Oh wait. I already covered that one.

5) No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

7) Something is wrong in the world, when I have to explain what those nasty people were meaning when they picketed our church waving signs, and my ten-year-old girl-cousin asks why God hates fugs. Now I’ll grant you, I’m not sure God’s a major fan of this crowd, but that’s not what she meant.  Why do people have to be so hateful?* 

8) Sometimes it’s good to skip a number in a list, just to see if anyone notices. 

9) I really love (ha) that I was reprimanded today at work for recommending condom use to a sexually active teen that wanted oral contraceptives (after I gave her those, too) because I “should have told her not to have sex, since condoms don’t prevent STDs.”  Is this the 1950’s?  Did I miss the timewarp back into Pleasantville?  Is there any logic in that statement at all?

10) Great big wet kisses to the first person to correctly identify the individual in my new icon.  Homemade cookies if you know a middle name.  (And yes, Cali, I’m working on your cookies, too.  This weekend.  I promise.)

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