Weekend Update! (Plus Clomid Question)

It’s been a nice, quiet weekend. I’m just sorry it’s almost over. I was mildly productive (my refrigerator is clean! bills are paid! seeds planted! groceries purchased! other boring things accomplished!) and had some good time to some thinking about this upcoming cycle, TTC, adoption, etc.

The conclusion: I will keep my appointment with the RE on Wednesday 3/1. I will keep my HSG appointment on 3/8 (unless for some reason RE pisses me off so irredeemably that I’ll never see him again. I doubt that will happen.) I’m worried about timing issues, with monitoring & when to trigger & IUI.

Here’s what I intend to ask for:

1) Clomid or Femara, CD 4-8 (or 5-9). I’d prefer Femara, but don’t know whether Dr. M uses it. Oh, and a baseline ultrasound on CD4 at my appointment.
2) U/S monitoring, preferably on CD 11 (I’m already over there for my HSG that day.)
3) HCG trigger, hopefully evening of CD 12 or 13.
4) IUI based on trigger date, but hopefully CD 14 or 15.
5) Progesterone following IUI as per the last two cycles.
6) Beta at 12-13-ish DPO, as per the last two cycles.

Tell me, O Wise Internets, is this a crazed pipe dream? I know that I respond to soy pretty readily (when I took it CD 2-6, I O’d on CD12, when I took it CD 3-7, I O’d on CD15.) Therefore, one would presume that I would make nice follies with Femara or Clomid on a similar schedule. Also of note, my LH surges are very non-surge-y (never have truly positive OPKs,) so probably my follies are bigger than they should be by the time I finally O.

I’m concerned about getting u/s & IUI in with my work schedule (I work Mon-Thurs-Fri) but it would certainly work out ok with the above plan. Of course one can’t know until things are progressing how quickly I’ll make follies, but as I said, I’m going to assume I’m average (ha!) in this department.

Any useful or amusing thoughts are appreciated. Now I’m off to scavenge for supper and do some knitting. Ah the exciting life I do lead.

P.S. Does anyone know why this frog has a pink dolly? What, if anything, does that have to do with optimism?

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