My Many Many Bookcases

You all have no idea – I counted 6, not counting the library books stacked on a separate shelf or the handful of other books strewn throughout the house. Click on the photos for a bigger version, and to read my oh-so-enlightening comments.

This one’s in the dining room. Cookbooks, adult (not that way, you pervs) fiction, old high school & college yearbooks, a few other things.

Also in the dining room. Home to many DVD box sets (not the point of this post) and the entire, oh-so-thrilling 1980s vintage Time-Life Home Repair series. I know you’re jealous.

Ah, the office bookcases. Home to a thousand obsolete textbooks, several billion out-of-date professional journals, and my pride & joy, an autographed copy of one of Alton Brown’s cookbooks. Be very impressed.

Upstairs bedroom bookcase #1 – children’s fiction and a few old photo albums from childhood through college. Ooh ahh.

Upstairs bedroom bookcase #2 – parenting books, TTC books, birth/pregnancy books, education books, as well as the rest of “children’s fiction” and a small “pets” section.

Last, but certainly not least, the Pomegranate’s library. Small, but growing, featuring the ever-gnawable board books, a few golden books rescued for $.25 a piece from a used bookstore (including the Poky Little Puppy) and some picture books gleaned here & there.

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