I Think It’s Working!

So today is day two of Soy-mid (the soy supplement I’m taking instead of Clomid) and boy am I bitchy! Wow! I’ve had to restrain myself from yelling “You Freaking IDIOT” at the top of my lungs multiple times today, and that was just while watching CSPAN. Not to mention the thousand times today I’ve refrained from posting “Oh, just SHUT UP you MORON” on various message boards. Scary stuff, those hormones.

I also seem to have mislaid my brain (and my typing abilities.) In illustration, I’ve used “backspace” more in this post than in the last 10 posts together. Also, I tried to unlock the house door with the car key “clicker” and shut my thumb in the closet door. This was all in the last 30 minutes.

If you find my brain (or my patience,) please send it to:

Bitchy McCrabbyPants
123 Can’tRememberS–t Way
ShutYerPiehole, KS 66666

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