People I want to Smack

Upside the head, that is, in an exhibition of my fine southern/midwestern heritage.

1) Bad spellers. Really, there is no excuse. Mentle. Dilemna. Your vs. You’re. Learn the basics of your mother tongue, please, or at least restrict your spew to private emails not involving me. (All those for whom English is not a first language – you’re excused.)

2) Patients who don’t take their medicines as prescribed, won’t try other suggested medicines, don’t want to see specialists, but are mad at me because I can’t fix them. (My magic wand is in the shop. Guh.)

3) Smug pregnant people who don’t want to do a lick of research about their pregnancy options, but prefer to remain one of the sheeple reading “What to Expect” and getting their epidurals in the 4th month. (Not to be confused with smug pregnant people who make those choices after great research – apples & oranges, my friends.)

4) TTC-ers who whine about not getting pregnant on their first cycle. Boo fucking hoo.

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