Squirty-up-the-Clacker day

A full report. 😛

Went over on Saturday morning, saw Dr. Metrosexual, and had 18 million motile swimmers inserted in my uterus. Woo and hoo. H & I spent the rest of the day shopping in the “big city” and didn’t get home until 10 p.m. I was wiped out! No side effects from the IUI – very easy. Started the progesterone this morning, and other than the ewww gooeyness, it’s fine. My boobs hurt already! 🙂

Now am trying to decide when to beta – lab is open (locally) Monday through Friday. I work OOT on Mon, Thurs & Fri, and have zero desire to run my beta through the lab at work. (HIPAA doesn’t apply to providers in small-town hospitals, particularly with juicy news like that!) I could conceivably have one of the nurses do my draw, but weird questions might very well ensue. I have 15 days of progesterone, starting today. Lab turnaround (if I use my local lab) is 24 hours. Official O day was Friday, so am now 2 dpo. Thoughts, oh wise friends inside the computer? (Anyone think this sounds like some sort of deranged story problem?)

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