She’s Gonna Blow!

OK, not quite yet, but soon. Signs are pointing towards a Friday ovulation (please, God, not Thursday! Saturday would be fine, but not Thursday!) which is great as I work on Thursday & Friday, and a Saturday IUI would be perfect.

I’ve picked up my progesterone from the pharmacy, with its wacky warnings of:

Do Not Use This Medicine If You Are Pregnant or Plan to Become Pregnant. Snort. OK then.*


This Drug May Impair The Ability to Drive or Operate Machinery. What, so now I can call in “progesterone impaired” to work for the next two weeks? Do I need to call the state regulatory board and tell them they have an impaired provider on their hands? I mean, it’s a hormone, not narcotics or something. In my case, I think rampant pissiness is more likely than all-encompassing fatigue, but we’ll see.**

Updates will follow as Squirty-up-the-Clacker day approaches (tm Ovagirl).

*Ironic, no? Obviously an FDA thing, as we all know prometrium is safe (sometimes irreplaceable) for TTC & pregnancy, but this is an “off-label” use. Prometrium’s intended for postmenopausal women & people with dysfunctional bleeding, of which I am (thankfully) neither.**I’m informed by my information sources at FF that the progesterone makes one a bit tired/sleepy, but not to the extent that I need to call in sick from work. (Not that I planned on it.) The pissiness, however, is a whole ‘nother thing. Uh oh.

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