Hey Stormy, Kiss My Ass!

Hi all,

Back from vacation, which was alternately great fun and kinda sad – am having some continued baggage from the chemical pgs/m/c’s/whatever you want to call them. But I’m better every day, so that’s good.

The real point of this post (other than to inform my loyal readership of two Tibetan sherpas and a Bedouin in his tent that I’m back in town) was to thumb my nose at FF, and their nazi moderator Stormy. Essentially, they’re now stating that we’re not allowed to link to our blogs, if our blogs have anything objectionable to say about FF. Well, mine didn’t until now…

I personally think the people running Fertility Friend are amongst the most bigoted, patronizing submorons I’ve ever had the pleasure (ahem) to interact with. Freedom of speech? What’s that? Oh, right, it only applies to certain members in the “special” clique, who apparently can throw around disgusting slurs against other members with impunity, while anyone who dares challenge them is “disciplined.” Watch out, kids, the teacher’s going for her ruler! I’ll continue to use their charting software, because, damnit, I paid for it with a lifetime VIP membership years ago – but I’m deleting their link, and I’ll expose them for the nasty cave-dwelling creatures that they are, every chance I get.

OK. I’m done. Wanna know how this started? Go see Kwynne and give her some love. Also, I’m going to link her blog in my sig over at FF, just to piss off the Powers that Be – probably as “My Friend Kwynne” or something…anyone wanna join me?

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