It’s a cold night. Just finished making the cranberry-mandarin orange jello salad, and it’s chilling. (And I’ll be up another 2 hours to keep stirring it.) Piper’s asleep upstairs on my bed. We watched SVU up there, since I’m keeping the couch dog-free until after the holiday (just washed the slipcover) and she fell asleep & didn’t follow me downstairs like she usually does. Poor punkin’s worn out after playing outside all day, digging & barking & chewing on things. (I’m happy not knowing exactly what she’s been chewing on.)

It was a long day. I painted the guest room (moss green) and framed the Monet print that’s going in there, so it’s ready to have pictures hung tomorrow. The furniture’s arriving from my parents sometime in December. It’s an antique bedroom set that I inherited from my great-grandmother when she died in 1989. Better late than never in receiving it, I suppose.

I hung the Peter Rabbit prints in the nursery, filled the bookshelf (it’s not full, but all the books are put away) and put the baby blanket that I knit last winter on the back of the rocking chair. I recovered the cushions last week. No crib or changing table yet. The dresser from my room will be moving into the nursery closet once my new (old) dresser comes from my parents with the guest room furniture.

The clocks are ticking, I’m making tomorrow’s “to do” list and filling out my pre-consultation RE paperwork. The house is quiet, and so peaceful. I’m going to go light some candles & sweep the floor, and probably set up the dining room table. I can’t do anything about the things that are really bothering me, so I clean, and nest and improve the things I can.

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