Today’s News

1) I have an RE appointment. The receptionist was very pleasant, and didn’t stutter or anything when I asked if they took single women. December 8th. Good juju appreciated. (And if the website is any indication, the doctor’s kinda cute, too! Ruh roh!)

2) I have swept, and raked, and pulled up dead annuals, and mulched, and planted three lilac bushes, and mowed, and broken up a twelve foot length of old countertop and shoved it in the trash bin, and cleaned out the entire garage. Hence my freshly showered and pajamaed status at 5 PM on a Monday. Still a bit left to do tomorrow, but the trash bin’s full. (Fortunately, tomorrow’s trash day! Woo hoo! I can discard 96 more gallons of crap!)

3) I love erythrocytes. See also the mascot for the University of Alabama. Or my personal favorite: “Communists have invaded the summer house.” It’s CD1. I thought you’d like to know.

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