Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about me(We all know I’m a meme ho, so I’m compelled by some dark force to do this silly thing.)1. I’m knitting the coolest diamond afghan – 11 different colors, I think.

2. I have a deep and abiding love for Coca-Cola, accept no substitutes.

3. I can’t decide whether I like James Marsters or Michael Rosenbaum more. Probably JM if he’d lose the silly-ass accent he’s doing these days. MR could pull it out if he’d quit phoning in his part from home and holding his gun (not metaphorical – real handgun here) with a limp wrist.

4. George Eads should NOT under any circumstances be allowed to grow a mustache EVER again. (OK, so that’s not about me, per se, but dang it, that’s atrocious!)

5. I’ve decided to see an RE, but I really don’t want to.

6. I just rescued Piper from near-asphyxiation (ok, not really) due to her evisceration of her stuffed ladybug. So she didn’t even gag – there were STUFFINGS in her MOUTH…she could have DIED!

7. I’m tempted to order a Yarn Ho t-shirt from Knitty. It would go so nicely with my “Top 10 UN Slogans” T-shirt.

8. I’m secretly afraid that I’ll be a horrible mother, and that having a child (through whatever means) is the biggest mistake of my life.

9. My thermostat is set on 53.

10. I really really reeeeally don’t want to work Christmas this year, but I have to.

11. I would love to move to a little house in the country and raise vegetables, and chickens, and babies, and throw pots. Of course there’s still that pesky “income” bit.

12. I fall asleep with the TV on almost every night, totally unintentionally. I think it’s a mild form of narcolepsy.

13. Netflix is the best invention since sliced bread. Who knew that Veronica Mars is such a great show? (We don’t get UPN in this particular slice of America.)

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