Should I Stay or Should I Go…

What, you thought I’d *stay* with the plan for more than 10 minutes? I never said I stay with my plans – but I sure do like to make them!

So, in honor of The Clash, I offer you this blog post.

The Pros
1) Love my bosses
2) Love the staff at the agency
3) Great work environment
4) Really enjoy rural medicine
5) Very flexible schedule
6) Lots of at-home time for Piper, Future Kid ™, the grandparents and various fun and/or frugal activities

The Cons
1) Travel
2) Possible headaches with getting childcare for FK. (May be averted by finding local women to babysit just when I have a patient – there tend to be more women than decent jobs in the little towns I work in, plus it would be short-term & weekends, and that’s easier to cover babysitting-wise.)
3) Unpredictable work & thus $$. It hasn’t crunched me too much yet, but it’s always possible.
4) No bennies. It’s all out-of-pocket here.

The Pros
1) Steady income (although most likely less $$)
2) Benefits (probably – small offices can be kinda sketchy sometimes)
3) Easy to get childcare with a traditional schedule.
4) No travel.
5) Get to develop long-term patient relationships, etc.

The Cons
1) Could wind up working for a jackass or a quack. (BTDT, got the t-shirt, literally.)
2) Less time for dog/kid/elders/knitting/squeezing a dollar until the eagle screams.
3) Big city medicine – wind up seeing earaches & managing hypertension – none of the rural “you’re it” excitement
4) Little flexibility, most likely. No up and deciding to go to the farm, or Bermuda, or whatever.
5) Hate hate HATE starting anything new & having to learn a new supervisor’s way of doing things.

OK, so I’ve got the Pros & Cons, just need to prioritize. Feel free to comment, or throw tomatoes, as you choose.

Off to watch Criminal Minds and CSI:NY. Drool drool and more drool.

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