Bitchy Rantitude

The next person who tells me to “just relax” and “test again in a week or two” will be smacked upside the head, or possibly worse. Particularly anyone who has no fucking clue about TTC, or is planning to TTC and therefore thinks they know exactly how it is.

Also, no, I haven’t had a beta done or my progesterone checked. And no, I’m not likely to in the near future, because 1) I’m not seeing an RE or an OB for TTC treatment, and 2) even if I were, I’m out of town! I’m doing this on my own! Attempting to TTC like a normal person, just substituting the syringe for the sex part. Does anyone on God’s earth get that besides me???

Thank you. Have a simply lovely day/evening/night/whatever.

P.S. – This has nothing to do with anyone’s friendly inquiries on Net54, which I’ll try to answer in the a.m. It’s some other folks getting under my skin, not you all. 🙂

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