Leave of Absence

a.k.a. Piper & I hit the road.

We’re leaving this afternoon, and won’t be back until mid-day Monday*. I’m not taking my thermometer or any pee-sticks (and you all know I’m too cheap to buy more on the road, when there are paid-for internet cheapies here.) I am, however, taking my trusty Diva as well as my soy supplements in case CD3 is here before Monday. Entirely possible.

We’re going to my parents’ for a few days (P’s getting her first haircut!) and then I’m working this weekend. I may update the blog, I may not. Depends on internet access, phase of the moon, my progesterone status and whether or not there’s anything interesting on cable.

So…with that, I’m off to do laundry, pack, turn down the thermostat and go eat myself sick on Mexican food at my folks’ for two days. Then the obligatory work (lest the electric company turn off our lights) then home. Again: No Testing Until Tuesday (similar to Don’t Open Until Christmas, but without the guaranteed happy surprise at the end.)

*Would-be criminals: I have ADT and deadbolts. Find somewhere easier to burgle. None of my stuff’s worth anything anyway.

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