Random Rant + Piper Update

As I know you’ve all been on the edge of your proverbial seats, I’ll update you on the dynamic Ms. P first. She’s now learned to climb up and down the stairs on her own, which she finds very useful on the nightly excursions ’round the house. Basically, anytime she gets a treat (or finds an old treat that she’s hidden somewhere) she wanders around whining with the treat in her mouth, trying to bury it in the hardwood floors. Various other “burying” sites include my office bookcases, Piper’s living room bed & her crate, and under the back doormat. Now, with this newfound stairs skill, she’s hiding things heaven-knows-where in the bedrooms. 😛

Random rant(s):

1) Open letter to the producers/writers/what have you of the semi-nonsensical CBS show “Ghost Whisperer” (truly, it would be more sensical (I know, not a word, deal.) if J. Love Hewitt weren’t drooling all over herself attempting to emote, but I digress. This evening’s bone to pick revolves around the promo statement (over and over and over ad nauseum during CSI & Criminal Minds) of some individual meeting “the baby she gave away 18 years ago.” OK, if for some bizarre reason this mother was standing at the corner of Broadway & Main with a sign reading “Free Baby. Moving, can’t keep” or if she wrapped him up in a big red bow and sent him as a Christmas gift, then their description is entirely accurate. However, I’m almost certain that their intent was that the child had been adopted. Since this is not the 1960’s, one would think that these more-than-likely relatively well-educated writers could come up with some term more appropriate than “gave away.” I could probably list 10 without batting an eyelash, but I won’t bore you. I just hate lazy, biased writing. And Jennifer Love Hewitt.

2) I have a whole rant going about Oust Air Sanitizer, and the fact that air does not, in actuality, need to be sanitized, but it’s late, so I’ll have to leave you waiting with bated (not baited, people, unless you’ve been eating anchovies) breath.

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2 Comments on “Random Rant + Piper Update”

  1. Calliope Says:

    nice ranting, chica.
    when do you peeeeeee???????

  2. Blondie Says:

    Ok, I’m with you on Ghost Whisperer. Being adopted doesn’t mean that there’s something “wrong” with you, either. Trish was adopted, and thank God she was, too. Her bio-sibs (met them a couple years ago) have never been able to have a stable relationship, whereas Trish and her other adopted-out sister have had long relationships.

    Loving the Piper stories!! When our Bailey learned to jump up on the bed, she decided to do it at a very inopportune time for us *wink*. Nothing like looking over your spouse’s shoulder to see your black puppy looking back at you!

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