From Dumbo to Darling!

Hey everybody – our ears are up! Now that P’s turned 6 months, I was worried about her ears going up on their own, so after discussion with some Scottie breeders went with the “masking tape” method – essentially it’s a light wrap of masking tape that helps the ear learn to stand upright. After 3 days of looking…odd, here are our results!


Taped up (and appropriately pouty)


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3 Comments on “From Dumbo to Darling!”

  1. Calliope Says:

    Piper is sooo cute!
    6 months, eh? Has she had her operation?
    Admiral is getting his hair cut this weekend…maybe we could set them up.

  2. Calliope Says:

    by the way – my verification code for the comment was:


    Could that be: Laughing my ass off Aunt Flo???

  3. cathy Says:

    i keep meaning to leave a comment – but after it ate it once, well, I am lazy!

    What a cutey – Beth & I discussed if we would have done that to our dogs… Beth likes taping our dogs/cats paws, so ears seemed fun to her…. watchout puppies! 😉

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