Good Juju Alert

Beta’s today. Will post when I know, I don’t expect it before tomorrow.

ETA (9/22/05, 11:55 a.m. CDT) – No news from here yet. Still waiting for the office to call me. Will call them after lunch if I don’t hear anything by then. Worst case scenario is that they don’t get my results today (I’ll try to talk them into calling the lab) b/c they’re closed Fridays, so I wouldn’t hear until Monday. Aack. Thanks for the good vibes, guys – they’re making me smile.

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4 Comments on “Good Juju Alert”

  1. Care Says:

    Hi Kate, haven’t been online much but saw this and had to say Good Luck! Your chart still looks beautiful – if it weren’t for those darn evil pee sticks I’d swear you were pg. Very odd, the positive OPKs – just got to wonder what the heck is going on in there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get good news soon! ~CarolynG

  2. Calliope Says:

    saying all kinds of chants for you. all fingers/toes are in the crossed & upright position.

  3. Jen Says:

    C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!

    I’m so crossed I can’t even see straight….

  4. cathy Says:

    come-on… this time FX FX

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