Another Topic

I’m bored with the TTC stuff…and if I’m bored, I know you all are.

So what else?

Here’s a link to the “house” pages – updated this a.m. The house stuff has been keeping me busy. At the moment, I’m on a break from blinds-hanging in the office. Once the blinds are up, I can hang the cornices & take pictures of the office for your viewing pleasure. But, in the meantime, enjoy the other fruits of my labors. 😛

I’ve also been playing with Ms. P, decorating the house for fall, paying bills, cleaning, etc, as well as some quality time with the Lands’ End & LL Bean catalogs (too much $$) and deciding what fall bulbs & perennials will be transplanted where. (I’d do the actual transplanting, but it’s been raining all day, and just now stopped, so the ground’s like a wet sponge.)

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4 Comments on “Another Topic”

  1. The Mommy Says:

    The house is looking great! 🙂 You’ve done a lot of work!

    Sorry nobody is cooperating in helping you get a a darned beta! 😦 Hopefully SOMETHING will happen tomorrow…. like a nice quick BFP! 🙂


  2. Calliope Says:

    KATE! looooove the house. Your kitchen is adorable & I really like the color of your master bedroom.

    Is there a planned parenthood in your city that could do a quickie? I hate this waiting for you. WTF!


  3. cathy Says:

    yay for work on your house – I should post pictures but I never do… lol

    you have done more work on your house than I have done to my current OR previous one, hell, probably combined! 🙂

    any word on “updates” yet? dying to know 🙂

  4. Sarah W. Says:

    Hey Woman….love the pictures. The house looks great. Zach and I are moving again. Maybe I will have to try to bribe you to come and help Liz and I decorate the new place.

    Give me a call or e-mail…been trying to get in touch and can’t.


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