Dang it all!

I’m so tired of negative tests I could scream! AF’s late, my temp’s sky-high, etc, etc, but yet? Nothin’.

Going with my new motto: Not pregnant until proven otherwise.

If I have another luteal cyst, someone’s going to pay!!! (Yeah, I don’t know who that would be, but someone will feel my wrath.)

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2 Comments on “Dang it all!”

  1. Care Says:

    No no no no no! Oh Kate, I was hoping to come here and see that you finally got that digital one to say pregnant. 😦 Your chart just screams pregnant. Your symptoms scream pregnant (okay, so maybe they don’t scream but still.) I can’t believe you would have a cyst two months in a row. And you didn’t have temps this high last month did you? Oh geeze, this 2WW (and beyond) stuff is frustrating! {{Hugs}} Hope you know one way or the other very soon – and most of all hoping this has a positive outcome. ~CarolynG

  2. Jen Says:

    ugh! how frustrating. I will just hope that you are one of those for whom HPTs are unreliable.
    Good luck and lots of hugs!

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