Today’s Accomplishments:

1) Arise from my little bed, become somewhat clean, caffeinated &/or human before the chimney guys come to fix my flue (no dirty comments, please). Only the chimney guys no-showed again. Poo on them.
2) Finish painting the downstairs bathroom ~ 1.5 hours
3) Wash the front porch, in prep for Saturday’s paint-a-palooza ~ 30 mins
4) Mow the lawn, where zebra and yak are roaming on the savanna. ~ 1 hour
5) Go to JoAnn Fabric & buy cornice fabric + liquid starch ~ 1 hour
6) Pee on at least 4 dozen OPKs (ok, maybe only 4 total)
7) Drag new basement door out of the basement, with much swearing. Remove hinges, cut to length, replace hinges, spackle, paint. All without letting the tiny terrorist fall down the basement steps. ~ 1 hour All but painting.
8) Cut trim/baseboard to fit kitchen, spackle, paint. Touch up cabinets as needed. ~ 1 hour All but painting.
9) Swear at UPS man when he fails yet again to bring my long awaited package from Amazon. Chose to swear at Amazon instead. (figuratively speaking)
10) Put some gametes up the hoo-ha (contingent on #6). The gametes get to stay in their state of suspended animation for another day, as the sticks were negative. Dum ditty dum dum dum.
11) Last, but not least, fall into a drunken stupor, courtesy of Jack Daniels (this will happen later, after I finish this post… :))
Also managed to get the flowers watered, clean out some more of the ivy/mint debacle bed, hang pictures and clean the house in expectation of mom’s AM arrival. Go me!

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2 Comments on “Today’s Accomplishments:”

  1. Katrina Says:

    Oh, Kate, how I wish I had your tenacity. You see, I make lists very similar to yours, right down to guesstimating how long each thing will take me…and then I STILL don’t do them! LOL. You can come work over at my house anytime, dear. LOL:)

  2. Care Says:

    Kate, I love to read your blog. I needed the smile tonight. You got a lot accomplished – you did better than me. I’m a chronic listmaker too (well, I’m an accountant, what else would you expect.) Ahhhh…take a swig of JD for me. 🙂 ~CarolynG

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