Babies Everywhere!

Two mamas-whose-blogs-I-visit are in some form of labor &/or delivery, and one just had her little punkin boy on Sunday. Too cool!

In other news, I spent the day with H, which resulted in more scrapbook-related purchases, a trip through the furniture store (keeping the Mastercard safely in the wallet) and some very cute pregnancy announcement cards, made by yours truly. They’d also work for adoption-in-progress announcements, so I’m not *too* worried about the bad karma.

The outside:

The inside:

As a bonus, here are the oh-so-cute baby booties that somehow found their way into my house, sitting on a bookshelf donated to Hubert/Geraldine by Ms. H, and located in the nursery, freshly painted robin’s egg blue. The only thing needed in the nursery at this point is furniture and a kiddo.

Called NW Cryo today – sperm should arrive next Thursday! C’mon, boys!

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