I just opened my bills (always a mistake) to find that my med mal insurance has doubled for the coming year (that’s an additional $2000, friends!) Arrgh. Where am I going to find *that* money? Looks like more tightening of the belt. All plans for a new vehicle were already on hold, between the threatened cutting of our hours by 25-30% this fall and rising gas prices. Looks like I’ll be detailing the Civic and driving it for a few more years.

In better news, H & I spent the afternoon & evening scrapbooking. I have 8 very cute layouts to show for it (all of Ms. Piper) and H has her own adorable 8 (she’s working on a book for her mother). Before H came over, I planted my lilac bush, irises and creeping phlox that were crying out to be planted, and got rid of the weeds in the sidewalk/driveway/street. That was productive, at least!

Still pissed about the insurance hike. Will have to rework the budget yet again. Ah well. This too shall pass.

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