When Plants Attack

OK, so that’s not my house, but if I’d left the ivy alone for a few more hours, it might have been.

I’ve pulling ivy & mint out of the flowerbed, off the fence, off the trees, off the house…who were these crackpots that formerly owned my house, and why did they insist on planting such crappy invasive plants!!!! Oh, and did I mention the flowerbed’s infested with spiders (several species, one of which was at least two inches across), so I’m worried about being bitten. Of course, I’m also worried about Piper, as she’s trying to “help” and I’m worried she’ll be bitten by a spider, and will I even know it, and where will I take her for doggie ER, and blah blah blah. Yes, there’s ample potential for maternal paranoia once the child unit arrives.

Fortunately, I’ve got the lion’s share of it done now (thanks to heavy-duty garden tools and a lawnmower) and am off to have some late supper & get knitting on a baby blanket for Tabitha. Her boy’s due in late September, and I’ve got 8 rows done. Better get going!

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One Comment on “When Plants Attack”

  1. Care Says:

    Glad you are well on your way to being ivy/vine free. Can’t stand the stuff myself. Just looking at the picture I think I’d start to feel suffocated living in a house covered like that. Blech. What are you doing about the spiders? I still have Mr Orkin man – he is coming tomorrow again. Remind me to get up early and actually dry my hair. Might even put on lipstick in his honor. ~CarolynG

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