How Long Until September?

Kryptonsite has news that James Marsters will be a major recurring character in season 5 of Smallville, starting this fall (as the eeevilll Brainiac.) Let’s see…I despise the Lana-ization of the whole show, really the girl should come with complimentary Pepto-Bismol for her performances, but between now-mostly-evil Lex and now JM as Brainiac, I’ve just gotta watch. That, and H will force me to watch whether I want to or not. Sigh.

From the press release:
“Marsters plays college professor Milton Fine, alter ego of the uber-villain Brainiac. Possessed of a vast, superior knowledge limited only by his hubris and emotions, Brainiac comes to earth armed with a secret about Clark’s biological family and the truth about Krypton’s demise. Brainiac’s presence in Smallville will have a devastating effect on Clark and Lex’s already deteriorating friendship.” Too bad for you, Clunk…I mean Clark.

Off to count the minutes…perhaps I need a ticker. 😀

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2 Comments on “How Long Until September?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now, now don’t lie. You’d watch it even without Spike. I know your’re secretly anticipating and relishing the rumored Lexana. I know how you are. Nice attempt though at obfuscating your real motivations.

    -you know who this is

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, and don’t think I missed your clever Clark insult. You will pay.

    -you still know who this is

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