Everybody’s Pregnant!

OK, that tears it. I’ve been keeping the stiff upper lip and all that, as women on all my boards are having a royal baby boom of positive pregnancy tests. I like these women, some of them very much, but I’m green with envy and sulking just a bit, nonetheless. This probably makes me a bad person, but hey, at least I’m honest. But now, even the stupid PANDAS are having a baby boom! First the panda baby in DC, now a pregnant panda in San Diego. Not that I give a crap about the pandas (although I’m sure the father pandas are very proud indeed) – I just wanted to post my bitchy whininess to the universe. I’m not pregnant. I think I may have just ovulated early this week (when ovulation would have been due, if my period had shown on time) despite the elevated progesterone levels from the cyst, but of course without swimmers, nothing’s gonna happen. I have no idea when AF will show (maybe on schedule in early August?), hence no idea when I’ll ovulate, no idea of anything. Whine whine whine. I’m going to end this crap festival and go drink some adult beverages and watch TV. CSI’s on tonight, and I haven’t seen this one.

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One Comment on “Everybody’s Pregnant!”

  1. Shelli Says:

    I hear ya, I hear ya, I her ya!

    3 years, and still no baby! I’m so jealous, too.

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