Happy Bastille Day

In honor of my deep and abiding love for the French (ha) I’m hosting a Bastille day party this evening, guest list 2. Featured will be 1) Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2) Tennessee whiskey, 3) Colorado beer and 4) California TV. Additional intentionally non-French things to follow. Most assuredly *not* present will be: 1) Mimes 2) Berets 3) Tiny little men running in fear and waving white flags.

The main event of the evening will involve anti-French slogans displayed in leftover 4th-of-July sparklers in my front yard. The comment box is open for slogan suggestions.

In the words of a fave blog of mine: “Pave France. The British need more parking.”

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4 Comments on “Happy Bastille Day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    slogan: “American exceptionalism at its finest!” or “God bless America! and no one else!” Have you ever even been to France? Well, all you need to know is on Fox news anyway… damn those Cheese-eating surrender Monkeys…

    would that Colorado beer by chance be New Belgium? that 1554 stuff really is exceptional…

  2. Kate Says:

    More like “God Bless Everyone Except France Because They’re A Bunch Of Pansies” – but ok.

    Also, you don’t have to go to France to figure out that the French suck – just like you don’t have to drink kerosene to know that it tastes bad. 😀

    (hey, kids at home, it’s SARCASM! Loosen up!)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The French are easily long on thought and short on action. It’s an equally sad state of affairs that Americans are usually the opposite. They were in Vietnam before we were, Lebanon too. I wonder why it’s so fashionable to cut down France like that? I mean, you seem to be in the majority. Canadians too, hehe. Britain would have surrendered if they weren’t on an island. That Kerosene Logic wouldn’t pass in grade school either you know;) (you know).

  4. Shelli Says:

    why do you ACTUALLY dislike the French? because they had the balls to stand up to Bush and say, um, dude, there’s no WMD’s… (and, um, they were right)

    Personally, I LOVE their wine, cheese and cute accents. I love that you can tell someone to bugger off in French, and it sounds like you are making sweet love to them. Try telling someone in German, however that you love them, and it sounds like you are telling them to bugger off! 🙂

    Anyhoo – Your party does sound fun, and so I leave you full name signed, with kisses,

    Shelli (from FF) 🙂

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