It’s Colder than a Welldigger’s…

So it’s 23 degrees outside and the wind is blowing a gale (has knocked down my Dala horse hanging sign twice today – finally gave up and brought the danged thing inside).

H and I, of course, decided that this would be a fine day for going outdoors for shopping & lunch. This was a great time, with the happy results of 5 throw pillows for the living room, a set of placemats, two packages of candles and a great pair of near-CFM shoes. Oh yeah, and some cute socks. Because no one can have too many pairs of grey & black socks. I’m sure the hypothermia & frostbite will resolve eventually, but in the meantime, I’ll be fashionable, dang it!

Now I’m reveling in the indoor-heatedness of my apartment, letting tonight’s chili simmer on the stove, and looking for houses online. We stopped at an adorable two-bedroom that was having an open house, but it’s just a titch too small. Nicely maintained, great location, all the features, hardwood floors (yeah!), unadulterated woodwork (double yeah – people who paint old, good-quality woodwork should be beaten senseless) but only 2 bedrooms. So, after 4 houses yesterday and 1 today, it’s back to the website to find some more.

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